Company Profile

Big Rice Biotechnology CO., LTD.
We believe, a thousand miles begins with a single step;
only by being persistent, practical, and devoted to our goals
can we complete a journey to greatness.
As we abide by the code of environmental sustainability in both industrial and social standards, we will continue to have the competitive edge in the ever-expanding field of Green Trades, and excel in helping to create eco-friendly societies.

Products & Services

Here is what we can offer

  • Essentials –  Plant Fiber Reengineering Technology (PFR)Toxic-Free, Waste-Free, Biodegradable Products
  • Agricultural –  Microbial FertilizersReactivates soil physicochemical properties,and enhances crop resilience
  • Lifestyle –  Natural Herbal Health ProductsSustainable living, Self-Circulating, Self-Healing Natural Herbal Health Products

Company Culture

1. Value

"Go Clean, Go Green!" We lead the trend of material reformation with cutting edge technology, promoting an all natural route to a more sustainable living.

2. Growth

Diverse & Directional We are an inclusive culture that welcomes new perspectives as well as new talents. We encourage collaboration to build the best teams making the best products.

3. Strengths & Strategies

Different & Daring We will continue the R&D and search for new applications of our technology for a greener tomorrow!

4. Vision

Giving Back We give back to society with our skills & services and gain new ones along the way as we pave the way to a more sustainable future.