Xinjiang Wujiaqu

Big Rice has visited Ürümqi and Wujiaqu in Xinjiang, China to confer with Yong-Da Industries and the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps (XPCC) regarding the market trend for green trade as well as prospective collaboration upon Eco-lifestyle and agricultural opportunities. The application of our patented Plant Fiber Re-Engineering Technology is the solution to Xinjiang's excessive burning of agricultural wastes, instead, transform them into new-gen 100% biodegradable, non-toxic and pollution-free eco-friendly products. With China’s new trading policy, ‘the Belt & Road,' in place, we may further expand and export these earth-friendly product series onto markets yet developed in Central Asia and Europe.

Results of our Microbial Fertilization crop trials at the organic farm of Yong-Da Industries are more than stunning. As figure 1 shows, the far superior growth of crops grown with our microbial fertilizers (on the left) is undoubtedly apparent compared to those grown without (on the right).
We have also initiated potato crop trials with XPCC, and can’t wait to share the results with you in late August after harvest!